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GREENWOOD ACADEMY [03 Jan 2011|01:10pm]

Coming Soon! Greenwood Academy! A pan-fandom roleplaying game!

Find out more!Collapse )
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Control [02 Apr 2010|04:53pm]

Here's an alternate reading of the "control" section (one of my favourite excerpts) by a guy I know. It's a bit rougher and deeper than Mark's version, but I like it.

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[26 Jun 2009|08:19am]

the house in house of leaves gives you what you want, right?
it's that alien thing that has been hanging out since before we even got here
it's been waiting and
it just gives you what you want
not a car or money or big tits or a corner office
it gives you what you really want
the want that lives in your deepest you
it gives the guy in the wheelchair a chance to be a tragic hero
it gives the guy who wants a monster a monster (even if it does make him crazy)
it gives the kids a really cool way to play hide and seek
it gives karen nothing
it gives navy (after all) a reason to live
it became a house because we understand a house

just maybe
the smoke "monster" in lost is the same thing
maybe it killed the pilot because he thought he crashed the plane
maybe it killed mr. eco because he fucked up
maybe it didn't kill ben because he's fucked in the head


just maybe

i'm just saying maybe here...
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Hey, all. [08 Jun 2009|03:52pm]

[ mood | impressed ]

Hey, guys. I go by Vox on LJ, Remy in real life. Whatever you want to call me is fine.

I was first introduced to House of Leaves when I moved into an apartment in Texas; the previous owner had left her copy, and I, as one of those people who finds undertaking excessive reading challenges (especially the type that are abusive in length) highly fulfilling and entertaining, opened the book and proceeded to make the decision that held the inevitability of federal taxes.

I want to say it took me all of two weeks to finish it, but I might be miscalculating.

Let me be the first to say, this is my all time favorite book, and it is exceedingly rare to come across other individuals who have both read and appreciated it, so when I found this community, I was thrilled; no more geekily-fueled discussion posts to my LJ asking who'd read the book and did anyone want to discuss it with me, only to wait weeks without so much as a single comment.

My favorite part of the book is very difficult to pinpoint, although it most likely involves the first retelling of the Five and a Half Minute Hallway- and, as a complete side note, if you bounce over to my journal, you'll see I have a qoute from the book listed in my Bio; bet no one can tell me who says it.

i'm excited to see more of what goes on around here. I'm a bit of a writer myself (or at least, I like to pretend I am), and invite anyone here to come check out my journal, but the main thing I wanted to holler about at the moment was that I'm applying to an art school in New Hampshire and as a part of my portfolio want to submit an essay on the book, so any suggestions on topic, thematic elements, ect would be awesome.

Otherwise, I'm just here to discuss, analyze and be happy. If you've any trivia or literary analysis questions, I'm your gal.

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Newbie!! [03 Jun 2009|10:46pm]

Hello! I actually just bought the book not two days ago, and I already know I'm gonna need some help.

I'd flipped through the book a few months back; a friend of mine was reading it at the time; and I realize more now than I did then the complexity of this book is mind-numbing. To me, at least.
So! I was wondering if there was any way a guide of sorts exists for this book. I have th Idiot's guide thing printed out, but something tells me I'm the special kind of person who needs something a little more in-depth.
In all honesty, I don't mind spoilers, they really only make me want to read it more. So anything that anyone knows of and can offer would be brilliant and appreciated to the fullest extent :D

Thank you in advanced to anyone who helps this helpless newbie out!
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[20 May 2009|11:01am]

Could the smoke "monster" in "Lost" be the same "thing" as the "house" in "House Of Leaves"?
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[16 Apr 2008|04:54pm]

so, i checked this book out of the library on a whim. i really enjoyed what i was able to complete, and had to check it out a second time. my boyfriend bought me the book for christmas. i was distributing my time to three different books before, but now i'm focused on house of leaves. i'm on page 311, and i was looking at some of the posts on here.

i've been skipping most of the reference footnotes, but i noticed some people on here posting that you shouldn't skip any of them. does this reflect the majority's feelings? and why or why not? i only read the story pages 118-148. i know that's where the pelican poems come into play, so i'm going to go back and read that section. do i really need to read all of the boxes and sideways script? if you think i should, i suppose i will...
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Johnny [06 Jul 2007|03:19pm]

Hi Newbie here

Just finished reading HOL and I was wondering why Johnny's story was never concluded. Any help?
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A study of House of Leaves [26 Jun 2007|01:24am]

Hey I'm new to the community - just finished House of Leaves and I'm looking forward to really putting it together in my mind better.  Most of all, connecting the exhibits it keeps telling me to go back to the appendices to look for (or do they really exist?) and getting the many, many stories all figured out. Also writing a review on it...though I really want to do it right because it deserves a really good review.

In IB, we have to write an extended essay, and I think I want to do something with House of Leaves - obviously I need other books that are somewhat related to the style. Perhaps "Pale Fire". Any other suggestions of meta fiction/postermodernism/ similar narrative types? 

I love Exploration #5 - I read it in a coffee house and people must have thought I was weird twisting and turning it around, squinting and pulling the book apart. To anyone who has read Borges, "The Aleph" didn't it just remind you of the aleph? 

And decoding johnny's mom's letter was pretty awesome too.

I'm kinda scared of the dark now. :/
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[26 Jun 2007|02:18am]

So, my NF doctor wants me to read a book and actually finish it since I've been having a really hard time doing that lately. She told me to find someone that's read the book before, and get them to ask me questions so I can understand what I'm reading.

Well, I've had my copy of House of Leaves laying around for quite a few years and I can't seem to get past the first 200 pages without getting confused about what's going on. So if anyone wants to, I'd love for someone to ask me questions about each chapter and all that fun stuff.

I'd ask someone near me, but every time I ask someone, they're like 'LOL WUT?'..which isn't helpful at all.

Thanks in advance and what not.
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deep [16 Jun 2007|01:57am]


still I know who

you are, you can not

forget me, since sometimes

I am you

dismissed, missed

we're together here

side by

side ways turning

a great wind

coming up from the dark


canyons, ditches dug

ages and eons ago

what lurks there name


without shape or mercy

only aching


only a yawning empty

want, never full


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An odd point. [19 Apr 2007|05:17pm]

[ mood | enthralled ]

Hello there, people.

I'm new to this group, as to be honest I'm still reading House Of Leaves, (I'm up to page 246 and enjoying every page,) but I thought I'd come here and mention something noticed early in the book and which has resolutely failed to come up since, and ask whether anyone else has realised its significance.

On page xxii of Johnny Truant's introduction in the 2000 Pantheon edition of HOL, he notes that:

"Zampano had seven names he would occasionally mention: Beatrice, Gabrielle, Anne-Marie, Dominique, Eliane, Isabelle and Claudine. He apparently only brought them up when he was disconsolate and for whatever reason dragged back into some dark tangled time. At least there's something more realistic about seven lovers than one mythological Helen. Even in his eighties, Zampano sought out the company of the opposite sex."

And maybe he did, but that list of names doesn't indicate this at all. That list is important, but I don't think it is a list of lovers at all, and in another, completely different context, (and in the company of an eighth name, not mentioned in the book,) makes a very strange connection that may shed some light on Zampano's past.

The connection is that these seven names relate to seven of the eight strongpoints which made up the perimeter of the French military base of Dien Bien Phu in Vietnam. The story goes that the seven bases, (along with the eighth, which was named Huguette,) were named after the former mistresses of the original base commander. All were destroyed to a greater or lesser extent during the battle for the base, during which the Viet Cong methodically captured the strongpoints and eventually the entire base.

Once this fact becomes clear, (and it is a fact - the chances of these names having been chosen at random is practically nil, and the spellings are exactly the same,) then some interesting themes becomes clear.

1.) The battle of Dien Bien Phu took place in 1953-54. If, as he suggests, Zampano dies at "the end of '96", if he was 80 when he died then he would have been 42 in 1954, when the base fell. This would probably indicate that he was an officer.

2.) Truant also suggests that Zampano may have been a nom-de-guerre, or a 'fighting name', (I'm not sure about that, as I don't what context the phrase is supposed to be used in). This may relate to the fact that many of the men at Dien Bien Phu were foreign legionnaires. Truant presumes that Zampano is American, but in reality, if he was at DBP, he could have been from any number of countries.

3.) There are numerous and constant references to warfare in the book, including references to the Maginot Line, command posts and the like.

4.) Truant says that Zampano "hadn't seen a thing since the mid '50s". This would tally with the end of the battle in '54.

Etc. etc.

I have just checked Google and learned that I am not the first person to make this connection, which is a little upsetting to my ego. But then I have only just started reading it seven years after it came out, so I guess it would be a little unlikely to imagine I would be. All the other explanations are in French, though, so at least I have the satisfaction of being the first to expound it in English.

What I can't understand:

Why the first seven names, but not Huguette?

What has this odd connection got to do with the rest of the book?

I have a very comprehensive book on Dien Bien Phu, so when I have finished HOL I am going to read it again and try and find more links between the two.

I'll report back anything I find.


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I'm still reading [08 Apr 2007|11:58pm]

But I thought some people might like to see the picture Navidson allegedly won the Pultzer prize for. In real life as you'll see however, it was taken by Kevin Carter in 1994 http://www.picturenet.co.za/photographers/kc/ It can be seen here.
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[29 Jun 2006|08:38pm]

Hello, fellow folk who're lost in the maze. I..actually finished this book around a year ago. I never bothered to make a LiveJournal until a few days ago, and found this place by snooping around (mostly through Shank's profile). I've got nothing to do for the rest of the summer, waiting for Only Revolutions, so I'm just gonna hang out here, study some Russian, Greek and Japanese.
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The Whalestoe Letters [24 Jun 2006|09:02am]

So i was thinking about buying The Whalestoe Letters the other day but before i purchase it I thought I would ask you guys your opinion on the book. How good is it? Is it worth it?

Please let me know.

p.s. Sorry, I know this isn't directly related to HoL but I figured it was close enough
p.p.s. Cross posted to one other community
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Danielewski new book [14 Jun 2006|09:50pm]

Only Revolutions:A Novel

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Hey! [30 Mar 2006|10:25pm]

hey! i'm new here! (i've actually never posted to a community before so i'm not sure if this is right) At the moment I'm on page 404 of House Of Leaves, and i love it!
recently iv been scrounging the internet looking for fan art/ independant videos made by people mimicing the Navidson record. Any one know of any thing good??
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Just Finished - Spoilers/Explanation Wanted [23 Mar 2006|03:20pm]

So, I finished HoL about an hour ago. It was pretty good.

I have to admit, though, that I skimmed over a lot of Truant's personal footnotes in the first half of the novel. Mostly I found his digressions into Californian white trash-dom tacky and boring.

After admitting this to the friend who leant me the book, he said I should pay more attention to those parts -- something about a connection between Truant's relationships, or something, and The Navidson Record, or the house, or something.

I'm too lazy to read back. Anyone willing to fill me in? Was there a twist/connection here that I missed?
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new member [08 Mar 2006|04:13pm]

i'm reading house of leaves for the second time right now.

i like it, and i try, but it doesn't care me. i know i'm supposed to get sucked in, like Johnny, but it never cuts deep enough. it's still just a 'good story', and not enough to make me afraid of space.
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[08 Mar 2006|03:34am]

new to the community, not new to the novel. i picked up house of leaves in 2000 after reading a review of it in the magazine, rue morge. i immediately fell in love with it. i'm reading it for the 4th time right now. im still reading the first copy i got and it has been written all over the margins, taped together, coffee stains and cigarette ash marks strewn about the pages, it goes with me everywhere.

i recently won an ebay auction that is making me the proud owner of these...

a SIGNED, hardcover, first edition, first printing, one of only 800 red editions of house of leaves, by mark z. danielewski. (for those of you that don't know, this is my favorite book ever)

as well as, the fifty year sword. another book by danielewski that was only published in holland and only 1000 copies published in english.

needless to say, these two will stay in much nicer condition than my paperback copy.

all of this leading up to the release of his next novel, only revolutions. which will be out in september = STOKED.

cross-posted in house_of_leaves
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